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THERE could have been more favourable circumstances under which the team running St Luke’s Hospice announced a start on the much discussed rebuilding of their centre at Whirlow.

But the hand of the charity has, to some extent, been forced by circumstances.

An inspection by the Care Quality Commission was less than flattering about the ageing facilities at the 20-bed hospice and warned that they did not meet ‘current best practice guidance’.

Against that background, managers have taken the brave step to begin the redevelopment, which will provide modern ensuite bedrooms for patients, possibly ahead of the moment they would have liked.

But we know that this charity is one of the most treasured by the people of Sheffield. And that is why we are certain that any fund-raising which now needs to be done to meet the £5.5 million target will be warmly supported.

Sculptor is a wise choice by council

MARTIN Jennings, who has been commissioned to create the statue commemorating the contribution of our Women of Steel, brings impressive credentials to the task. His statues, commemorating famous cultural figures, are the talk of the town wherever they are erected, from St Pancras railway station (John Betjemen) to Hull (Philip Larkin) to Portsmouth (Charles Dickens).

That means our Women of Steel will be rubbing shoulders with some of the most illustrious figures in British history. And that is how it should be. Their dedication and willingness to work was one of the defining gestures which helped Britain win the war.

What is more, Jennings’ statues are full of life and humour. And that is another reason he is the right man for the job. Who better to bring out the impish wit and down-to-earth personalities.

The city council has made a wise choice.

Cast your vote

TIME is running out for city council tenants who have yet to cast their votes in the ballot over who should manage their properties – the local authority or its arm’s length management team, Sheffield Homes.

For the deadline for casting votes is tomorrow.

There has been much debate from both sides of the divide and we hope The Star has helped people learn more of the issues at stake. This is a deeply important issue and we urge everyone who is entitled to ensure that they cast their vote before it is too late.