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Readers will no doubt be happy to hear that, despite years of neglect of the Wadsley Bridge area, Sainsbury’s are planning a new venture, which will regenerate an eyesore and the immediate hinterland on Claywheels Lane and, I understand, contribute to improvements (which our council can ill afford to pay for itself) to the A61 Penistone Road North.

This part of the city is sorely in need of such investment. It has often been deprived in the past in favour of eastern areas of Sheffield.

There is also a great need for more consumer choice in supermarket shopping in this part of Sheffield, currently dominated by Morrisons.

I appreciate that an Asda is being built at Parson Cross, but a duopoly is little better than the current virtual monopoly. More competition is needed to benefit consumers.

The main attraction of allowing a new Sainsbury’s is that it will create 400 jobs, in addition to safeguarding a further 400 existing jobs at Fletcher’s bakery and encour- aging more business to the area.

This highly important development will help revitalise this part of north Sheffield. It deserves the full support of residents and councillors.

Peter C McGregor, Aldene Ave, S6