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On behalf of the Eve Merton Dreams Trust, a charity that raises money and organises dreams for Doncaster residents who have been diagnosed with cancer.

There are a number of us who have different roles within the charity and we all work in our own time, in addition to our everyday jobs to not only raise money but also to provide a personal service to patients and their families.

No one in the trust is paid and 100 per cent of money raised goes directly into the trust fund.

In the past four years we have been fortunate enough to be sponsored and supported by some large and small Doncaster businesses which include BT, One Call, Keepmoat and NineHundred Communications.

Through their support and the hard work of the team, to date as a charity we have raised in excess of £125,000 and last year we won the Doncaster Charity of the Year Award.

This year we are trying to take the charity to the next level so are looking to increase awareness of the charity around Doncaster by organising and taking part in bigger events alongside our ‘yearly’ events that include the Legends Game at Keepmoat Stadium and Dragon Boat Race at Lakeside.

The toughest event of the year for two of the charity team is going to take place from September 14-20, 2015.

They are going to attempt to cover eight marathons in one week, four running and four cycling.

Training for this event commenced at the end of February and a gruelling 30 – week training programme now has just nine weeks to go.

The charity is now looking for as many ways of highlighting the event to as many people in Doncaster as possible to gain support, sponsorship and exposure of the work done.

We hope that you will assist us with promoting our event, making people aware of the work that the charity does to enable us to continue giving valuable support to the people of Doncaster.

Claire Bull, Eve Merton Dreams Trust