Support for Sheffield's strip clubs and sex shops over 'prudish' council proposals

La Chambre in Attercliffe.La Chambre in Attercliffe.
La Chambre in Attercliffe.
Sheffield residents have rallied in support of the city's strip clubs and sex shops after the council revealed plans to limit their number.

Sheffield Council is considering a new sex establishment policy which would restrict the number of sexual entertainment venues within city boundaries to two.

This limit is already filled with Spearmint Rhino lapdancing bar in the city centre and La Chambre swingers club in Attercliffe. The policy also restricts the number of sex shops to one per council ward.

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While the authority says the aim is to make Sheffield a safe city, Liberal Democrat councillor Joe Otten described the plans as 'prudish and anti-business'.

Now residents have taken to Facebook to express their support for strip clubs and sex shops.

Donna Taylor said: "I don't have a problem with theses shops or lap dancing clubs. I personally don't use them, I use a shop that has sex shops next to them, but they don't offend me."

David O'Mara added: "It's ridiculous, the world has moved on. People have been tied up with sexual hang ups for far too long. Live and let live."

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Kim Ashmore wrote: "I think they should be allowed. If people take offence to it that's their own problem and insecurities why should everybody else have to pay the price for it. We're not in the dark ages now."

Peter Lambert said: "If they pay taxes and don't cause any problems why not?"

Adrian Nicklin wrote: "If its between consenting adults and nobody is being mistreated whats the problem?"

Merrick Davis wrote: "There not hurting anyone leave them alone."