Support for MP who spoke out on suicide

mpsBS''Paul Blomfield
mpsBS''Paul Blomfield
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PAUL Blomfield has revealed his decision to speak in Parliament about his father’s suicide was ‘one of the most difficult’ he has ever made.

But the Sheffield Central Labour MP said he has received ‘many touching comments’ from well-wishers since his speech to a debate in the Commons about assisted suicides.

He told The Star: “I had wanted to keep it a very personal matter.

“But, in the context of the debate, I decided it was something I had to do. I thought long and hard about whether to speak.

“It wasn’t easy but I know my father would have wanted me to. He felt strongly about people’s right to die with dignity. Our experience shows why the law needs to change – I thought it was important to share it.”

Sheffield Heeley Labour MP Meg Munn said: “He recognised the important role of an MP is to look very seriously at issues that affect people.

“The whole debate was characterised by people sharing stories about cases they were made aware of as MPs, and it was very moving.”

Sheffield man Robert Ince is set to speak at the Unitarian General Assembly on Tuesday next week urging Christians to support compassionate assistance for people seeking to end their lives due to debilitating or incurable conditions.

The 58-year-old, of Fulwood, said: “Paul Blomfield spoke very well and from the heart.

“Personally I have strong feelings about this because I have seen my parents, and my wife’s parents, die over the last 10 years. It was traumatic – only one of those deaths was dignified and painless. ”

Mr Blomfield’s father Harry, from Dore, took his own life last July aged 87, by filling his garage with exhaust fumes. He had watched friends suffer for months before dying themselves.