Supermarket loyalty should work both ways

We have done our weekly shopping for the last 30 years at Sainsbury's in Crystal Peaks ever since the centre opened, currently spending between £5,000 and £6,000 with them per annum.

Wednesday, 25th July 2018, 6:09 am
Updated Wednesday, 25th July 2018, 6:22 am

Just recently they have stopped selling three items we depend on to buy regularly, a brand of canned beer, (Boddingtons), then our favourite fresh-made pizza from the deli and an 800 gram medium-sliced granary bread.

Until recently they used to sell both the medium and thick versions of this loaf, when they did, the medium version always sold out quickest leaving the thicker sliced type unsold on the shelf, proving the thinner sliced was the most popular with customers.

By now only offering only the thicker type that has fewer slices means customers who buy it will use the loaf quicker and have to buy another one sooner.

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I wondered if this was a profit-making ploy, at the same time giving customers less choice?

Perhaps they should alter their advertising slogan to read ‘Live Less For Less Choice’.

I believe they are slowly reducing customers’ product choices ,so I left a letter for the store manager at their customer service counter containing my home address, phone number and email address detailing the message of this letter and the discontinuation of the aforesaid products.

I explained to him that their nearby rivals at Halfway, Morrisons, still sell these items, and said that the time was coming very soon when I may have to consider changing my allegiance to them and his store could lose a long-term loyal customer.

I was hoping I would get a courtesy reply from the store explaining why these products are no longer available, but I have received nothing, so I’ll leave it thank you very much and they have lost my custom.

I thought maybe Supermarket loyalty should work both ways but apparently not.

Halfway here I come!

Syd Bullen

Sheffield, S20