Superkids: Nominate YOUR child of achievement

Superkids 2011: Nominate children of achievement like these - our last year's winners.
Superkids 2011: Nominate children of achievement like these - our last year's winners.
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THE search is on for South Yorkshire’s inspirational children, writes Ben Spencer.

Do you know a child or teenager who has battled against the odds, has exceptional talent, or makes sacrifices to help others?

If this sounds like someone you know, they could be a winner at The Star Superkids 2011 awards.

For the 15th year we are hosting a glitzy celeb-packed event to recognise and reward incredible children from across our region.

Superkids might have fought to overcome an illness, given up their time to support their community, cared for a family member, or shown talent that stands out.

There are all sorts of categories to reflect the amazing things young people do and we don’t want any deserving child to miss out.

So if you know someone who is one in a million - whether they stand out from the crowd or quietly get on with helping others - get in touch.

They might be a neighbour, a relative, a pupil, or a friend of a friend, but we want to hear about them.

The Star’s acting editor Jeremy Clifford said: “We know there are loads of tremendous children in our circulation area who are worthy of these awards and we are delighted to be able to play our part in celebrating their achievements and strengths.

“Please take some time to nominate children for these awards and help them to receive the acknowledgment they surely deserve.”

Last year’s winners included Westfield Sports College pupil Dan Ryan, aged 14, who battled to make the most of his life after suffering two strokes at the age of four.

Dan picked up the Superkids Courage Award for his incredible determination to live independently.

Then there were the three amazing girls from the Wybourn estate who were named Young Citizens of the Year.

Kristen Young, 16, and Danni Thorpe and Christy Eason, both 15, formed Wybourn Gyals - a volunteering group that set out to make a difference to their community.

As well as setting up exciting activities such as canoeing, arts and photography for people on the estate, they organised a campaign to reduce teenage pregnancies.

Imogen Cassels, 14, from Broomhill won the Performance Arts Award for her range of diverse talents.

Not content to be a virtuoso on the clarinet, she was known for singing and acting and was a member of a number of bands, orchestras and drama groups.

Last year’s winners were pretty special, but we’re sure there are many other inspiring young people out there who deserve recognition.

To nominate someone email or fill in the form on the next page and send to Star Promotions, York Street, Sheffield, S1 1PU.

We need to hear from you by April 25, so you have just over three weeks to get your nominations in.

Nominees will be invited to a star-studded awards ceremony on May 9 at the St Paul’s Mercure Hotel in Sheffield city centre.


* Sports Award

The Sports Award recognises individuals who have shown outstanding achievement in a specific sporting field. The award will be made to an individual who demonstrates exceptional sporting talent and determination, perhaps through the face of adversity.

* Bravery Award

The Bravery Award will be given to a child who has overcome great odds or made sacrifices. The nominee may have shown courage in dealing with an illness or battling through a traumatic experience.

* Young Citizen of the Year

The Young Citizen of the Year Award recognises, encourages and rewards youngsters who make a difference in the community and inspire and instil confidence in others to take part in community life.

* Fundraiser of the Year

The Fundraiser of the Year Award recognises individuals or groups who by their hard work and dedication have made a difference to a charity or cause. The judges are looking for nominees who have demonstrated continued commitment to a charity or individual through fundraising support, successfully managed or helped to co-ordinate fundraising activities and used initiative to maximise impact of fundraising campaign.

* Educational Progress Award

The Educational Progress Award recognises individuals who have achieved success in the education system. The judges are looking for individuals who have achieved results that many thought previously unachievable. This could be through achieving excellent grades at school or overcoming learning difficulties.

* Supporting the Family

Supporting the Family Award is for a child or children who helps to support or care for relatives in need of help on a day-to-day basis.

* The Environment Award

The Environment Award rewards those who can show examples of how they have helped the environment, either at school, with a voluntary organisation or at home.

* Triumph over Adversity Award

The Triumph over Adversity Award is awarded to a child who has overcome extreme adversity in their lives, whether by overcoming a serious illness or showing tremendous strength when faced with great difficulties.

* Music & Performing Arts Award

The Music & Performing Arts Award is awarded to a child who has excelled in learning an instrument or received recognition in the music or performing arts world.

* Special Award

The Special Award recognises a child whose achievements do not fit into other categories. Examples include inspiring campaigners or volunteers.