Supercar worth £300,000 stolen in South Yorkshire

A 300,000 supercar was stolen in Doncaster
A 300,000 supercar was stolen in Doncaster
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A supercar worth £300,000 is one of 60 stolen in burglaries in South Yorkshire in which car keys were taken.

South Yorkshire Police said the thief who stole the car took the keys from a bedroom in a house in Doncaster.

The force said it was unusual for thieves to enter bedrooms searching for keys.

The supercar theft is one of over 60 stolen in Doncaster since January.

A force spokesman said: "The type and quality of security devices fitted to many motor vehicles means that relatively few vehicles can be stolen without a key, necessitating in most cases, the key to be stolen in order to steal the vehicle.

"Some thieves will take car keys found during a burglary and take the vehicle to take themselves and the stolen property from the scene. Others will target the house after seeing a desirable motor vehicle parked at a house.

"The common thread during these burglaries is that in all cases the keys are easily found as they are usually left on open display.

"In some cases, vehicle keys left on a table inside the front door have been stolen by reaching through the letter box using a pole, or similar, with a hook on the end.
"The main prevention technique is to hide your keys somewhere a thief is unlikely to look for them - do not leave car keys on a table inside the door on the kitchen work surface.

"The belief that offenders will come into the bedroom to steal keys is not one supported by statistics. There is only one report of this happening and the vehicle in question was a supercar valued at over £300,000."
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