Sunny spell eclipses former records

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SIZZLING temperatures in South Yorkshire have already smashed a national record and could today come close to beating another, forecasters have revealed.

On Thursday, the mercury peaked at 29C, or 84F, at Finningley, near Doncaster, smashing the UK’s previous warmest September 29, recorded in York in 1895, at 27.8C - 82F.

The sunshine continued yesterday and today temperatures are expected to reach at least 28C - 83F - which would beat the highest recorded in Sheffield at the beginning of October, of 26.3C in 1985.

Nationally, the highest October temperature was 29.4C, in March, Cambridgeshire, on October 1, 1985.

Andy Ratcliffe, weather forecaster with Meteo Group, said the current weather is almost double the seasonal average of 15C.

He said: “Today, we are expecting temperatures of 28C in South Yorkshire. The unseasonally warm weather is being caused by southerly winds bringing up warm air from the Iberian Peninsula, whereas we normally receive our weather from the Atlantic. Tomorrow and Monday, conditions will remain fine and sunny, although not quite so warm, at around 24C.

“Tuesday will be cooler, at around 19C.”