Summer drink drive figure up in South Yorkshire

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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The number of motorists caught drinking and driving in South Yorkshire has gone up this summer.

Police have published the results of their June drinking driving campaign which revealed the percentage of those caught over the limit is on the increase - bucking the national trend.

Officers targeted under 25s and day-time drinkers attending barbeques or weekend events and breath tested 1,509 people - 118 of whom tested positive and were arrested.

The number of positive breath tests has risen from 5.2 per cent at Christmas to 7.8 per cent in June.

In the under 25s category, more than ten per cent failed – an increase of 2.6 per cent.

Four further motorists were arrested for failing drugs tests.

Acting Sergeant Anthony Tankard, from the Force’s Roads Policing Team said: “It’s disappointing that despite ongoing, high-profile campaigns, people still choose to put themselves and others at risk through selfish actions and that some people are convinced they won’t be caught and misguidedly believe it’s ok to drive when they’ve had drink or drugs.

“We need to reinforce the message that if you drink or drug drive you risk being caught by police and the consequences can be severe not only for yourself, but for your family.

“There’s every likelihood you will go to prison and lose you job or home. The consequences go far beyond just losing a licence.

“Driving while under the influence can make a vehicle a lethal weapon and destroy lives, including your own.”

In Derbyshire 72 out of 287 drivers tested positive including 38 under 25s.

The under 25 figure was down 20 per cent on last June.