Suggestion for the use of the old Town Hall on Waingate

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May I suggest what should happen to the old Town Hall on Waingate. This being because the Friends of the Old Town Hall are campaigning for the building’s owner to breathe new life into the landmark which has been empty since 1996.

As we know, Castle Market has started to be demolished and the story goes that this area will be replaced with retail buildings (I do hope all this will not overwhelm the Castle ruins that are to be uncovered, as in my eyes the area is about the Castle/s that were there) and green spaces.

In between the demolition of the old Castle Market and the re-development of this area, there is an archaeological dig/excavation expected to take place, there will hopefully be many finds/artefacts to be revealed. It would be nice to think some won’t be found and can remain a secret for a few more generations.

The artefacts that are found will need somewhere to be housed. Weston Park Museum, as nice and as great it is, may not be able to exhibit them all. Therefore, how about the artefacts being housed in the old Town Hall building? It has the look of an old building that could be a museum dedicated to Sheffield Castle and what the archaeologists have found.

The old Town Hall is built on part of the old ditch/moat that surrounded the second Castle (of stone) 1270-1648, its position is in the area of what was once Sheffield Castle’s vast estate. Also, you have Waingate (means the way of the wagon), so I hear, this was the thoroughfare into Sheffield during the middle ages, and one of the major ways into the centre of Sheffield today.

The artefacts from the archaeology of Sheffield Castle will not have left the castle’s old estate if they were to be in the old Town Hall building, merely moved to a new area of the place.

David Saville

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