Such waste is unacceptable

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WE appreciate there is no option but to pull down a Sheffield school library, which was built just 10 years ago and cost the taxpayer half a million pounds.

But that still does not make it right.

Councillors have been struggling for some time to find an alternative use for the building at Wisewood School, which has closed and pupils moved to the new Forge Valley School in Stannington. No alternative is possible. That is clear.

But what is clear is how shallow must be forward planning at the town hall if the first moves to close a school come within such a short time scale of a major construction project.

Someone has let down the city and its taxpayers. Such waste is not acceptable.

Follow tips to have a great day

PASSION for football in Sheffield is never more evident than when our two clubs square up to each other. And the coming steel city derby promises to be no exception with excitement and speculation already building.

United visits Hillsborough on Sunday, February 26 and we are sure the event will be a memorable occasion.

However, derbies are also a taxing time for the city’s police who have the job of ensuring everyone gets to and from the ground in good order and ensuring that there is no trouble.

We are sure that all true fans will support the police’s appeal for everyone attending the game to have a good time but also to be on their best behaviour.

In today’s paper are tips from the police on what to do to ensure supporters have an enjoyable and memorable time.

They are put together to ensure people have a good time – and don’t spoil the day for others.

Give them a chance

AS Apprenticeship Week comes to a close we hope that employers in our area have plenty of food for thought and are more than tempted to give both their business and some young people a chance to grow.

Through this week we have featured many success stories involving apprenticeship schemes and shown that young recruits have a role to play in an ever growing number of businesses.

They not only assure a firm a continuity of workforce but also bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm. And we know that every firm ought to be welcoming such a characteristic.

If you have not done so already, please take the time to find out what benefits apprentices can bring to your company.