Such a mess total amount is unknown

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SAMANTHA’S debts are so complex she doesn’t know exactly how much she owes - or to whom.

Some are so old they have changed hands three times, as companies sell them on to other firms.

She says sums owed to Dorothy Perkins, BHS and Debenhams were all passed to CL Finance, which sold them on to Moorcroft Debt Recovery.

Her debt to the Adams children’s clothes chain is now with Sygma bank.

Others she is less certain of - although all have increased.

A £350 doorstep loan from Provident has now climbed to at least £958, according to a statement.

It is, she admits, “a mess”.

Samantha receives £1,300 in benefits a month and has been repaying £110-a-month on debts for years.

But after signing with One Debt Solution she became concerned her creditors were still chasing her.

She claims the two statements she received were undated, and did not include her biggest creditor. And she received no acknowledgement after cancelling.

She added: “I rang twice a week. They never called back and then claimed to have no record of me calling.”