Students locked in as police hunt fugitive - VIDEO FOOTAGE

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ARMED police stormed a Sheffield University lecture hall in pursuit of a man suspected of an assault.

Students were locked in St George’s Church lecture theatre yesterday while response teams searched the corridors and a police helicopter circled above. The building was evacuated as dozens of officers surrounded it.

Police believed a fugitive was hiding in the building, on the corner of Mappin Street and Broad Lane. They were still looking for him last night.

A police spokeswoman said: “South Yorkshire Police officers were searching for a man who was suspected for an alleged assault.

“It is believed the man was seen in the city centre and officers believed he was in a building on Broad Lane. However, the search proved negative and enquiries are ongoing. No roads were closed.”

One student said a lecture was interrupted by armed police: “The lecturer was told to keep us there for an hour while a search took place.

“When we were finally released, I found the whole building surrounded by officers with high-powered weapons and handguns.”

A spokesman for the University of Sheffield said: “A search was made of the premises by the police for an unknown individual, who was not found in the building.

“Students and staff were evacuated from the lecture theatre for a short period of time while the search took place and were allowed back in the building once it was completed.”

Video by Hanne Poulsen, Arya Yuyutsu and Mike Taylor