Student volunteer’s half marathon debut to raise Sheffield community grocery funds

A fleet-footed Sheffield student volunteer is making his half marathon debut in a bid to raise money for the community grocery where he works.
Tom, pictured at the back and in the middle, at the grocery with other volunteers.Tom, pictured at the back and in the middle, at the grocery with other volunteers.
Tom, pictured at the back and in the middle, at the grocery with other volunteers.

Tom Hullah, aged 23, has been volunteering at Sheffield Foundation Community Grocery- which sells excess food from supermarkets at affordable prices- since 2021.

Now he’s decided to run Sheffield Half Marathon for the cause, having seen first-hand the impact it’s had during the cost of living crisis.

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Tom said: “I have volunteered at the Sheffield branch of Community Grocery for 18 months. It is a brilliant cause that’s provided huge support to many people and families across the Sheffield community throughout the pandemic and the current cost of living crisis.

“The Community Grocery helps to reduce food waste by taking excess stock and food that is past its best before date, but still perfectly fine to eat, from supermarkets and groceries in the region. From these big deliveries, the grocery produces a shop for just £4. In the supermarket, the equivalent shop could be worth up to £25.

“I have met some brilliant people and volunteers throughout my time here and it truly has been one of the highlights of my time in Sheffield.

“I’m now in my last semester at University and to mark my time here, I’m looking to fundraise for this amazing place by running my first half marathon! All the money raised will go directly to the Sheffield Community Grocery.”

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Sheffield’s Foundation Community Grocery, which is within the Hope Centre on Bernard Road, and runs in collaboration with the Hope Community Foundation, is open Monday to Friday from 11am to 3pm. It exists to bridge the gap between food banks and supermarkets, giving those who need it the extra support they need to keep their family fed.

It costs £5 for an annual membership, then £4 per shop for 12 items from a range of fruit and veg, bakery items, toiletries, chilled, frozen and cupboard goods. No referral is needed- the grocery is open to everyone who needs extra support.

To sponsor Tom, visit, or for more information about Sheffield Community Grocery, visit

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