Student’s arm broken in row with bouncers

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A SHEFFIELD Hallam University student says he had his arm snapped in three places by bouncers, suffering nerve damage and dislocating his shoulder.

Thomas Miles, aged 25, who is in the final year of an architectural technology degree, was injured in a smoking area outside Sheffield University’s student union during a live music night last month.

The student now has eight pins in his arm, must wear a splint and has been told the injury could take 18 months to heal fully.

“I was coming outside the venue to the smoking area and three times I was told to put my drink in a different place,” Thomas said.

“I said they could do with a sign on the wall to make the position clear and after 10 to 15 minutes of chat they refused to let me back in as they said I was being abusive.

“When I complained it was then that they grabbed me and twisted my arm up my back.

“They pulled it higher in a single move and it just snapped.

“I was in an absolute mess - they let me go and told me to go home.”

Thomas said one of the witnesses called for the ambulance and police.

He says the incident was seen by at least four witnesses and was captured by CCTV cameras.

Thomas - who is urging police to take action - said: “I don’t think bouncers should be allowed to behave in this way - I could be left with a permanent disability.”

A spokesperson for the University of Sheffield said: “We can confirm the incident took place when the customer was removed from the venue due to his aggressive behaviour.

“Police and ambulance attended at our request and investigated on the night and no further action was taken. Sheffield Students’ Union has received no complaint to date from the customer.

“Sheffield Students’ Union employ Security Industry Authority registered security staff to ensure the safety of customers at all times.”