Student is new Town Hall face in Sheffield

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STEP forward Labour’s newest apprentice...

Sheffield University student George Lindars-Hammond, aged 20, is a third year History and Politics undergraduate - and he won Hillsborough from the Lib Dems in one of nine gains by Labour this time around.

The young councillor said he realises he will have a tough time combining the new role with his studies - but he says he is relishing the challenge.

After celebrating victory, he said: “The first thing to say is that, over the last year, the people of Hillsborough and across the city have started to think of what is happening in Government.

“Also in the last year, Labour has been running a very strong council in Sheffield.”

George, who is originally from Bath, has pledged to work hard to help his new constituents.

He said: “Sheffield is my new home and I am going to work hard in my new role although it will be tough combined with my studies.

“I am up for the challenge and my role is going to be about doing the right thing and working hard for the people of my ward.”

George added: “I have had a lot of support from friends and colleagues in my fight for election and they are all very pleased I have won the seat.”

Labour won Hillsborough by just under 1,800 votes.