Student gets stuck in Sheffield city centre lift - for second time in two days

A Sheffield student says he will take the stairs from now on - after getting stuck in a lift for the second time in two days.

Huttons Building,. Picture: Google
Huttons Building,. Picture: Google

Firefighters were called out to free the the postgraduate student who had become trapped in the lift at the Huttons Building on West Street at about 7.30pm yesterday evening.

But the attending crew was astonished to discover that it was the same man, aged in his 20s, who had become stuck in the same lift just 24 hours earlier.

Nathan Rider, a crew manager at Sheffield Central Fire Station, said: "Twice in two days in quite unlucky I have to say.

"He seemed alright about it and wasn't in distress. He did say though that he would take the stairs next time."

There was at least one saving grace though - he was trapped inside with plenty of food.

Firefighter Rider added: "He had a takeaway with him, two pizzas, but he had decided not to eat them while in the lift.

"Fortunately it took us about an hour and he was freed."

The Huttons Building is described on its website as luxury student accommodation.

A spokeswoman for the development said: "I can confirm that one person was trapped in the lift for a short time on Thursday and Friday, on both occasions we were on site promptly and the fire service attended and freed them within minutes.

"The lifts are regularly maintained and serviced by specialist lift engineers and they are dealing with the matter on our behalf."

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