This ‘strong’ blind cat Betty needs a new Sheffield home

A 'strong’ cat who had to have life saving surgery to remove both her eyes is now searching for her forever home.

Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 8:02 am
Updated Thursday, 21st March 2019, 10:55 am

Betty, a six-year-old white and tortoiseshell cat, has been with the RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre since she was rescued by inspectors in January.

It is unclear whether her eye issues were a result of an untreated infection or trauma, but as she had very little sight left vets decided to remove her eyes to prevent her suffering further.

Hayley Crookes, cattery team leader at the centre, said: “It has not been an easy road for poor Betty, but she is a strong girl and all this trauma has never held her back.

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“She loves nothing more than spending time with her carers, her favourite place to be is on your shoulder giving you hugs and a good groom.

“Due to her lack of sight, her other senses are amazing, especially when she is having a play or trying to get your attention - sometimes you would have no idea she is unable to see.

“We always let her know we are there with words and by blowing softly on her so we don’t make her jump.”

Betty will need an indoor only home with adults and or families with older children. She will need her own room initially and then very slowly she can be introduced to the rest of the home so she can find her way around.

Extra care will be needed to make sure Betty’s environment is free of hazards. E-mail [email protected] to help.