Striking the right chord

Have your say

THE sight of protesting teachers is sure to stir the debate on whether we sympathise with them.

They were on the streets of Sheffield today as part of a national protest against planned changes to their pensions, pay and conditions.

The rally outside the Town Hall rang the familiar battlecry over plans to increase pension contributions and reduce benefits. The union agreed to step up their campaign and have not ruled out further strike action.

And that is the crux of the matter. Will they go on strike? While we understand teachers’ concerns, it is hard to concur with strike action at a time when those in the private sector have already endured pension and salary cuts.

We hope teachers think carefully before taking such a radical step. They are entitled to protest and have their say, but they must remember they have a responsibility and if they chose to forgo that it could cost them public support.

Have a heart and change your mind

THERE are times when you despair of jobsworth civil servants and their rules is rules attitude.

And today’s Star tells of a classic case.

Can you imagine how a Rotherham family feel after being landed with a rent bill because they didn’t give the council enough notice their dad was going to die?

Harry Keetley died of cancer at home but following his death Rotherham Council demanded a payment of £276 for rent from his next of kin.

Why? They had failed to give a month’s notice on Harry’s tenancy.

So why do we think that happened? Perhaps Harry’s family had other things on their mind, like a dying relative, rather than the comparatively trivial issue of next month’s rent.

We hope Rotherham Council reconsiders its stance on this and does the decent thing by screwing up the bill.

People’s choice

WHEN Sheffield band Pulp announced a date at the Arena they may have wondered how it might fare.

After all, it’s been 17 years since Common People was a smash hit and tastes do change.

But when Jarvis Cocker and pals rock up in town, they can expect a sell-out crowd.

Tickets only went on sale yesterday and already most have gone. It’s testament to the band’s enduring appeal and their loyal hometown fanbase.

We shouldn’t be surprised really. After all, they always were Different Class.