Street light burns every day for six years

Wendy Davies at street light which has been burning continuously for six years
Wendy Davies at street light which has been burning continuously for six years
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A street light has finally been turned off – after being left on 24 hours a day for SIX YEARS.

The faulty lamp in Dronfield, near Sheffield, was fixed by council engineers after angry residents complained.

Local resident Wendy Davies, aged 64, said: “It’s been shining into my house 24/7 for six years. What a waste of money over all that time.

“I live in a semi-detached and the light would shine straight in to my bedroom window.

“I haven’t been very well recently and when I’d sit in the room and look out of the window all I could see was the bright light.

“It’s been on for six solid years day and night. I’ve told the council over the years and they said they would sort it, but I think it just got put to the bottom of the pile.

“I remember when they were canvassing for the May elections I pointed the light out to them and they agreed it was a waste. Again they said they would sort it out, but they never did.

“I stopped asking after a while because you start to feel like you’re being ignored. It was only when I saw the council’s plans to leave streets without light to save money that I thought I needed to do something.

“It just got me really riled up when I saw the plans and I thought how can they leave these people without light when this one is never switched off?”

A spokesman for Derbyshire County Council said: “This was the first we heard about a problem with this light but an engineer has been out and fixed it.

“Although we carry out regular checks on street lighting at night, we need members of the public to report lights which are on at the wrong times so we can repair them.”