Street drinking ban for suburb could be extended

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A BAN on street drinking in a Sheffield neighbourhood could be extended.

Sheffield Council’s licensing board will consider making more parts of Woodhouse the subject of the restrictions at a meeting on Tuesday.

A report to the meeting proposes that the existing order, which covers central Woodhouse, could be extended to cover Tannery Close and Tannery Park.

The move follows concern about anti-social behaviour in the park caused by street drinking.

The Designated Public Places Order allows police to confiscate alcohol from people in public places – and refusal to comply with police can result in a penalty notice or fine.

The same licensing board will also discuss installation of CCTV cameras in Sheffield’s taxis.

Currently, 128 of 2,224 vehicles have the cameras, which can be fitted at the discretion of drivers.

Images are recorded and can then be used in cases of crime or anti-social behaviour.

Sheffield Council is considering making installation of CCTV cameras mandatory, but no recommendation has been made to councillors.

Members of the licensing board will discuss how CCTV cameras are operating at present.

Issues for consideration also include how long images will be stored on drivers’ systems, when the police can access images, and what checks can be made to ensure systems work.