Stray South Yorkshire dog has been in shelter SIX years

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Every dog needs a loving home and this poor stray has been searching for one for six long years.

Mac – a Staffordshire bull terrier cross breed – was just nine months old when he arrived at a South Yorkshire shelter in 2009.

The poor pup, who is now aged seven, was starving and had sores on his skin and hardly any fur on his body.

Since then the only home he has known is his kennel at Barnsley Animal Rescue Centre in Wath.

The shelter is now appealing for a dog lover to come forward to rehome Mac and spare him from living at the shelter for the rest of his life.

BARC provides care and shelter for hundreds of abandoned animals in the Barnsley area.

Manager Kerry Flood said: “Mac has been overlooked because he is a staffy cross and they aren’t a popular breed.

“We aren’t sure how he got to be in such a bad condition because he came to us as a stray.

“He is really friendly and he gets on well with older dogs but he is nervous around strangers at first. Once he gets to know and trusts them he is fine.

“His ideal home would be a retired person or someone who is home all day so he is not left on his own and no young children because we don’t know how he is with them.

“As far as he is concerned, the centre is his home so he does get a bit worried and wants to go back when we take him out for walks.

“He does get a bit anxious so a relaxed home would be more suitable.

“It would be nice for him to have a home. It’s no life for a dog to be stuck in here. He’d like a nice warm cosy home – we give him lots of blankets but he does feel the cold.”