The Strange Death of Liberal England, Fuzz Club tonight

Adam's gang continue Death march

MUCH like all those fancy foreign footballers with really long names this lot have given their shirt designers something to think about.

And almost as drawn-out as their handle TSDOLE have been maintaining a touring schedule that has had them getting rather too familiar with Europe's motorways this year.

Well, they are still at it and this time it is Monday's download release of Old Fashioned War, from their debut album Forward March, that has them entertaining young faces at Sheffield University's returning Thursday night fixture.

That summer-released album confirmed TSDOLE as more than simply a fussy name, mixing some good tunes with thoughtful subject matter; Old Fashioned War is indisputably a political song extending misuse of authority back to biblical times and the Man himself.

The sentiments reflect a band and, in erratic singer Adam Woolway, a lyricist unafraid to make a statement at a time when the anti-war movement is gaining momentum.

Earlier on The Boardwalk has blues prodigy Scott McKeon showing why he's been obsessed with guitars since the age of four.

Having made his debut on national television at the age of just seven he went on to win Guitarist Magazine's Young Guitarist of the Year title in 1998 and was listed as one of the 27 best blues guitar players in the world on Google. Still aged just 20 he has shared performance space with Buddy Guy and Jimmie Vaughan.