Stranded Rotherham schoolgirls taken to prom in police riot van after limousine fire disaster

Rhiannan and friends - with their impromptu police riot van transport
Rhiannan and friends - with their impromptu police riot van transport
  • Rhiannan, aged 15, and her three friends devastated when prom limousine catches fire
  • Passing police riot van stops to help and takes girls to the prom
  • Rhiannan wina best vehicle award after police save the day
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A group of teenage girls were saved from prom night disaster after a police riot van rescued them from their broken down limousine on the roadside.

Rhiannan Green, aged 15, and her three friends had been looking forward to their end-of-school Rawmarsh Comprehensive prom for months.

The police riot van used to transport the girls

The police riot van used to transport the girls

But on the day, the group of Rotherham girls were left bitterly disappointed when the fire engine they booked to take them to the prom was cancelled at the last minute.

Things only got worse when the replacement limousine then broke down on the roadside on its way to Tankersley Manor.

But Rhiannan’s father Chris Green has praised South Yorkshire Police after officers stopped to pick up the stranded girls - and delivered them safely to the prom in a riot van.

Rhiannan and her friends then turned up at Tankersley Manor in the South Yorkshire Police riot van - and even won the award for best vehicle.

Mr Green, of France Street, Parkgate, Rotherham said: “They had been planning their prom night for months.

“With three hours to go, the fire engine we booked was cancelled by the company.

“They sent a replacement pink limousine but it was clearly the oldest car they had. It sounded like it had no exhaust and it was held together with rust.

“Ten minutes after they set off, we had a phone call from Rhiannon to say they had broken down and smoke was pouring out of the engine.

“The driver had even used their bottle of non-alcoholic bubbly to put the fire out.

“Then police in a riot van had noticed what was happening, stopped and put all four girls in their van, and took them up to Tankersley Manor.

“We’re grateful to the police for saving the day.

“Rhiannan and the girls even won the award for best vehicle!”

Superintendent Caroline Rollitt from South Yorkshire Police said: “The incidents our officers deal with are varied and far-reaching, as this story demonstrates.

“We’re only too happy to provide assistance to people in need and we hope the girls had a lovely evening at their prom after an eventful journey.”