Store ‘sold booze to children’

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A CONVENIENCE store is having its licence reviewed after being caught serving booze to under-18s in police ‘sting’ operations.

The Spar shop, on White Lane, Gleadless Townend, failed ‘test purchasing’ exercises where youngsters were sent into the shop undercover to attempt to buy alcoholic drinks.

Making the application for the review, Acting Sergeant Antony Pollitt, of South Yorkshire Police, said the operations were carried out after complaints from the public and observations by police that young people aged under 18 around the area were able to obtain booze.

Six test purchasing operations were carried out, with the store refusing sale on only half of the occasions.

Acting Sergeant Pollitt said: “It is clear the management of the premises has fallen well below that expected of a competent operator, with the continued sale of alcohol to under-aged persons.”

Police said premises supervisor Ghalib Ali and staff member Roger Crump both sold alcohol to youngsters, some aged just 15.

Police said there was no regular system of age checks, leading to a presumption that alcohol is regularly traded to underaged persons with little or no regard to the law.

Mr Ali did not respond to the allegations ahead of the meeting.

The store’s licence will be reviewed at a meeting of Sheffield Council’s licensing board on Tuesday, April 27.