Stop trying to deceive  the Sheffield public

Paper recyclingPaper recycling
Paper recycling
Councillor Peter Price

Shiregreen/Brightside Ward, (S5)

I am afraid Bernard Little and his Green Party continue to try to deceive the Sheffield people by giving only half of the story regarding recycling, in order defend their inexcusable past action when they tried to block Sheffield's, much heralded District Heating and Energy Network system introduced by the Labour Council over 25 years ago.

So lets get a few facts. Sheffield has the lowest amount of waste sent to Landfill in the Country just 0.3%  We recycle 33.6% and then send 66% for energy recovery which Mr Little dismisses as '˜burning'. However let us see what this means for our City. 

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This District Energy Network, which he describes as burning, is the largest and most successful in the UK, supplying domestic, commercial and public sector buildings with a sustainable energy source by providing steam and hot water, delivered through almost 27 miles of underground piping to heat exchanges in buildings of all sizes and types across the City. From the City Centre through Netherthorpe, Western Bank, the Heart of the City, Moorfoot and Park Hill. The steam also passes through a turbine, generating electricity for the National Grid. The pollution prevention control systems installed, ensure that strict emission limits are kept below the strict EU environmental regulations and monitored by the Environmental Agency.

Just to grasp the extent of this network. The system covers, over 2000 homes and 140 commercial and public sector buildings including,

Three University Campuses both Sheffield University and Hallam University, plus Student Accommodation.

Four Swimming Pools, including Ponds Forge.

Three Theatres and three Art Galleries and two Cinemas.

The Town Hall and the City Library.

Three Hotels and 21 Private Developments.

Just imagine Mr Little if all these great buildings had their own heating boilers, how much energy and greenhouse gasses they would collectively consume and produce? It is interesting to note that Sweden, considered to be one of the foremost countries in the world, in tackling environmental issues, operate 29 waste-to-energy plants, incinerating 3.1 million tonnes of waste per year generating nine billion kilowatts of energy and plan by the year 2000 to no longer use oil for energy.

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No Bernard it is time you and your Party stopped trying to deceive the Sheffield public by rubbishing the great achievements of our City by giving only part of the facts to suit your own political ends.

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