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It is no secret that Great Britain is under threat from terrorism. In fact, it has been recently reported that in the past few months there have been quite a few planned attacks thwarted by our security services. Am I alone when I say that in light of most recent events I am at a loss to see the need to continue to reduce the number of police officers up and down the country?

I’m being optimistic now and believe that someone with some common sense in government will eventually have to realise that you can’t have adequate security, maintain public order and deal with increasing crime without having enough police officers to do the job. Public safety and well-being are at stake and it is Government’s duty to protect us.

Government should now start to increase police numbers. They may have to put a ‘spin’ on it, but the public must surely realise that police, (and military), numbers should never have been cut in the first place.

I hope all this is remembered the next time we go to the polls!

Dave C

by email