Stop splitting names in two

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In response to DA Murdoch complaining about poor spelling of road names, this is something that infuriates me but it’s not just the spelling on signs that annoys.

We seem to have road names that have always been one word split into two! An example is Haggstones Road. At the Oughtibridge end it is now Hagg Stones Road. Also, what happened to the Green in Southey Green? Signs for that area now just refer to Southey! There’s a hairdresser on Crookes Valley Road near to the traffic lights with a sign stating Hair Dresser. Surely a signwriter should know this is one word. I often see poor spelling and names and titles without capital letters in The Star. Is there any wonder that many people cannot spell these days? I was always encouraged to read when younger which in return helped me to spell. I still think this is a good idea but obviously The Star is not a good example.


City isn’t drab

Sheffield Drab? Surely DB of Lodgemoor can’t frequent Sheaf Square outside the station nor use the wonderful walkway on Howard Street?

A visit to the Winter Garden, then a coffee in one of the cafes in Tudor Square is my recommendation.

As a Barnsley person I’ve seen Sheffield develop over time. Your city is superb and flowers can’t come before other priorities.

Perhaps Shefffield businesses could provide hanging baskets and planters and Sheffield customers support them? Or would that only happen in Barnsley?

Robert Teal, JP