Stop pussyfooting with lawbreakers

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I NOTE The Star is leading a campaign to try and change the attitude of parents who consistently create havoc when parking around school premises. Indeed, judging by the response of a good many citizens, the campaign has many supporters.

I do however find all of this very tiresome. The fact the campaign is needed at all reflects the very British way in which we try to resolve these issues.

We try and cajole and persuade and talk people into acting responsibly and to think of others when taking selfish actions that cause others distress.

Well it’s quite obvious that some people are so thick-skinned (namely the woman who said ‘I don’t do walking’ to a policeman when asked politely to move on), that they will take no notice unless they are inconvenienced to such a degree that they will be forced to mend their ways.

I say it’s time to follow the American lead and get tough with these people.

I think I am right in saying that in America they enforce strict no parking regulations around areas such as schools and airports to such an extent that vehicles are impounded and towed away. The offender then has to attend a compound and pay for their vehicle to be released.

This remedy may sound drastic and I am not saying that it will work in all situations but if a ‘towing zone’ was set up within several hundred yards of a school, clearly marked up as such with signs and penalty notices, then it may deter some individuals who might have to put themselves out in retrieving their vehicle.

It’s my view a drastic situation requires drastic action. Let’s stop pussyfooting around with these individuals who consistently break the law and let them know we mean business.

Otherwise, what is the law there for if people can break it with impunity?

R A Cundy, Sheffield S20