Stop moaning about what you can’t change

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People are complaining about the closure and demolition of St Cecilia’s Church in Parson Cross, Sheffield.

But where were you during the two years we were without a priest? Where were you when we got a priest and he joined our fight for our church? Where were you when we lost our fight and had to come to terms with the knowledge that there was nothing we could do?

The trouble now is that we can not move on. It is like an open wound that can not heal because people who rarely darken the doors keep moaning about it when it is too late. In The Star’s story it says the church was closed because it needed a new roof. This was only part of the problem, it also needed a rewire and the building wanted re-pointing. It needed about £250.000 spending on it to make it safe. For moren than a year, we had not used the main church, but the Lady Chapel downstairs because we could not heat upstairs and plaster was falling making it dangerous. We who have been there week in week out have cried tears about this but we have come to accept that we have to move on and put our energies into St Bernard’s. So I say to the people that are busy complaining, let us move on in peace and continue to worship God in this parish in the only church we have left and let us make it the best church we can.

And why don’t you join us to improve what we have got?

Current Church Warden Amanda Hammond