Stop knocking our Manor Top

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I REGULARLY shop at Manor Top. The thing that altered it was when Somerfield closed and we ended up with a Tesco Express. We’ve had a supermarket there ever since Manor Pictures closed. Tesco Express is all right for students but rubbish for an estate.

I don’t known when this survey was done but, the flower shop closed a while ago. There is parking in front of the shops and also behind the shops at the other side from Tesco. And to say cars get broken into is rubbish.

P Eaton, Arbourthorne Rd, S2.

TIME to stop knocking Manor Top. Where else could we walk from home, call at the dentist, cross the road to the doctor’s and then pop into the library? Not to mention the chemist’s, Lloyds TSB and the optician’s.

The food shops are sufficient for all our needs and public transport facilities are excellent. Only one shop is shuttered - the former Halifax branch. Maybe the new bank hadn’t got the friendly, helpful approach to customers that the present shops have. Furthermore, one always meets up with friendly people ready to have a kindly chat.

‘Mr Anon’ rightly praises our wonderful street cleaner. He deserves a medal.

As for parking, it is, after all, a local shopping area and gym users could always ‘leg it’. By the way, traffic doesn’t thunder, it flows, probably better than anywhere else in Sheffield. There are boarded-up pubs all over the country.

D Cassy, S12