Stop, it’s the polce! South Yorkshire Police left red-faced over patrol car spelling blunder

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Is it the cops? Is it the rozzers? No, it’s the....polce?

South Yorkshire Police have been left red-faced after taking delivery of a patrol car emblazoned with a mis-spelling of the word ‘police’.

This image has been doing the rounds on social media after the error was spotted.

Chiefs had ordered a new fleet of Vauxhall Astra patrol cars decked out in the police livery, but this particular car wasn’t quite right.

The vehicle never actually made it onto the road, after the error was spotted and rectified at a delivery yard.

A South Yorkshire Police Spokesman said: “The spelling error was identified immediately by staff who took delivery of a new batch of police vehicles, which came already completed with livery from the manufacturer.

“The error was rectified the following day and the vehicle never left police premises.

“This was the only error in the batch delivered.”