Stop entrapment

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Yet another pub has been closed for serving underage drinkers. Once again the police have used entrapment, which I’m sure, in itself is illegal.

I’m confident the staff at this pub and at other pubs in similar cases were unaware these kids were underage as the police will deliberately choose teenagers who look much older and, at busy times, it can be easy for staff to make errors.

This entrapment must stop before we have no more pubs left.

Dave, S3

Dodgy digital telly

Great! We’ve gone digital! Pity that when its windy you can’t get a proper picture or sound. They just keep breaking up and you can’t watch it. So much for improvement. Things were better with the old fashioned system!

David S5

Difference in prices

Last week I travelled from the Hallamshire hospital to Woodhouse on the 30 bus, which is run by First. The single fare was £2.70. A week earlier, I used the 123 bus and the fare from the Hallamshire Hospital to Woodhouse was £1.30. Quite a difference in prices, more than double. How can that be justified?

DS, Woodhouse

History and the war

consign the second world war to the history books? Isn’t that where it’s been since 1945?

Phil Parker, S36