Stop the drop and keep parks clean

I write this letter on behalf of all dog walkers in Concord Park who pick up after their dogs.

Thursday, 31st March 2016, 6:24 am
Updated Thursday, 31st March 2016, 6:26 am
Stop the drop

Walking in this park is a regular activity for many people, but this pleasure is often spoilt by, in two words – dog poo!

60 per cent of people pick up and dispose in one of the 14 bins provided, 40 per cent use the park as a dog convenience.

As dog walkers we have a responsibility to pick up and help to keep a clean environment, so that children can play without parents finding that the kids did not see the poo, and have it on their shoes, or the people playing sport, walking in summer, having a picnic, these are all spoilt because of this problem.

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The dog cannot be blamed, it’s the lazy owner.

Park staff work hard trying to keep Concord Park litter free and the grass well cut.

The friends group put in hours of voluntary work looking after the flower and shrubbery areas of the park and often have to pick up dog mess before they can star).

These efforts are spoilt by those owners who think that what their dog leaves behind is nothing to do with them.

By contrast, a lady on crutches who with great difficulty bends down to pick up, and another on a mobile scooter who has adapted a pooper scooper to pick up, set an example as dog owners to others who do not have mobility problems.

Bins are provided.

Litter is another blight, just leaving cans, bottles and all manner of wrappings.

Football teams, are amongst the offenders, it is sad that they do not respect the area in which they enjoy their sport.

Let us all help to stop the drop.

No one wants to find this on their shoes or carpets, this should be put in one of the 14 litter bins.

Let us all help to stop the drop and keep parks, green spaces and streets clean.

M Shipley

Shiregreen S5

n I have lived on the Longley Farm estate 44 years.

It was such a nice clean estate then, now it is getting worse every day.

I’ve thrown numerous buckets of water and disinfectant down our steps, and on the back jennel. Urine, dirty nappies and sick every weekend. I’ve picked up litter, mostly beer cans and beer bottles, it is a mess.

The council say unless they catch them, they can’t do anything.