Stop changing things just for the sake of it

So the people of Sheffield are to suffer more disruption on the Moor by building projects, this time to erect some kind of kiosks.

The Moor
The Moor

Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t kiosks and a bandstand demolished a couple of years ago?

If the nearly finished cinema complex is anything to go by these new kiosks are going to look terrible.

I don’t know what it is about the council – they come up with grand plans and when they are up and running they are forgotten about.

Around t 10 years ago granite benches with Sheffield sayings were installed benches at the bottom of the Moor. They all looked very grand, newspaper and TV coverage ensued and since then more were installed higher up the Moor, but none of them seem to have ever been cleaned.

We’ve had over 60 years of constant building activity and they have not got anything right yet.

Its very hard to understand the thinking behind some of the council’s ideas. Nearly every major town and city in England has a market hall and but what did our council do to ours?

They knocked it down to allow Woolworths to build a store but prior to that the council of the time knocked down the Tontine which was the biggest coaching inn in Sheffield to build the Norfolk market hall.

We lost the Rag ’n’ Tag just to build a car park which in turn killed off all trade in Dixon Lane. If Big Ada could spin she would be doing that in her grave.

Not one of the improvements has worked. Cobbles and block paving have been laid everywhere only for them to be dug up and replaced by asphalt.

Why aren’t these mistakes picked up by the council?

If I can see these terrible eyesores, why can’t anyone from the Town Hall.

Round about 2014 a utility company dug up a huge section of Fargate from Norfolk Row to Surrey Street. All the paving slabs were replaced and they stuck up, they wobbled, they dipped.

I took photos, sent them to Amey who didn’t have a clue which utility company had done the work .

However, earlier this year the slabs were lifted and re-laid in a proper way .

All I can say is “Oi council no! get your fingers out and clean up the benches, get rid of the pigeons, don’t keep changing things for the sake of it, please gives us a few years of no building projects in town, enough is enough, 60 years is long enough to get things right but you haven’t.

The Green Giant