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last month Tory MP Priti Patel called for the Government to urgently free Britain from Europe’s Human Rights Laws because scores of foreign murderers, rapists and violent thugs are not deported - because of their human rights and what may happen to them if sent home.

The criminals include two murderers, seven rapists, 66 violent offenders and 13 ‘other’ sexual offenders.

The MP said it would outrage the public and raised serious concerns about human rights laws.

A few days later, the MP condemned the abuse of our NHS by foreign patients who come knowing they may need an operation and cannot pay. The NHS had to write off £7 million by 2009-10, enough to pay for 300 nurses.

A recent example of abuse of our NHS is Nigerian Bimbo Ayelabola, aged 33, who obtained a visa as soon as she was pregnant. At home she bought supplies of fertility drug Clomid over the counter and took double the daily dose of one tablet and also exceeded the five to seven days and popped the pills for two months.

Bimbo had a complex caesarean operation on April 28, 2011 in East London. So far she and her brood of five have cost the NHS and taxpayer £200,000 and rising.

It is time to stop all the abuse of our country’s hospitals and the National Health Service.

D Atkinson, Deepdale Road, Kimberworth