Stone sniffers are at it again

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Once again the stone sniffers are at it. This time its Susan Richardson congratulating Ron Clayton on his campaign to pull down Castle Market so as to expose a pile of quite useless rubble. This campaign has been backed by various councillors.

They take no interest whatsoever in the less well-off citizens of Sheffield who use the market on a weekly basis to suplement their limited budget.

They are more interested in what is a very limited if not non-existent piece of wall than people.

And before any one mentions that we are going to get a new market at the very bottom of the Moor, I can tell you that very few traders will be transferring their business, because of the high rents and new equipment costs.

Castle Market customers would also be excluded from the new market due to the same problem of higher prices, due to the rent needed for the stalls.

So carry on Ron, Susan and all the other so-called historians who are in fact destroying perhaps the oldest bit of Sheffield history, the trading heart of our city that was there before any castle ever existed.

Judd Newton, Cresswell

Congratulations on campaign

I AM writing to support and congratulate The Star for their Surviving Winter campaign.

As fuel bills rise and household incomes are squeezed, it’s important that we all pull together to support those who struggle to keep their homes warm.

I would also like to promote the council’s Free Insulation Scheme, which I’m proud to say the previous Liberal Democrat administration introduced.

More than 30,000 households in the city have now benefited from this scheme, which is continuing to move across Sheffield as we ensured the project would continue as part of the budget for this year.

The scheme is currently available in 16 wards across the city.

The insulation is also available for all those over the age of 70 or on qualifying benefits citywide.

To find out if you qualify you can call 0800 9159096 to speak to an advisor or visit

I would urge all residents who haven’t already taken advantage of the scheme to do so.

Coun Shaffaq Mohammed, Sheffield Liberal Democrat Group Leader