Stolen mobile eviction threat for single mum

Chelsealee Bennett and son Bladen
Chelsealee Bennett and son Bladen
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A single mother is being threatened with eviction from her rented house after a workmen’s mobile phone was stolen from her kitchen table.

Chelsealee Bennett, aged 22, of Maltravers Crescent, Wybourn, says she is innocent of the crime and that youths sneaked into her home and pinched the phone.

But Great Places housing association, which manages the estate, has issued a preliminary notice warning the 22-year-old she faces eviction proceedings.

Chelsealee, who lives at the address with her three-year-old son Bladen, said: “The worker had been at my house and left the mobile behind. After he left, two lads called at the kitchen door.

“The workman came back to ask for his phone and I went to answer the door. When I turned round, the phone had gone.”

Chelsealee believes the phone must have been taken by the two young men at the kitchen door and says she was not responsible.

“It’s disgusting,” she said.

“I have been a victim of crime here – someone sneaked into my house and stole something – yet I’m the one being threatened with eviction.”

Chelsealee said she has not reported the incident to police because it was Great Places’ responsibility’.

She also said she has been suffering from anti-social behaviour since she moved to the estate, including a window being smashed.

Chelsealee is currently living at her mother’s home in Arbourthorne because she ‘does not feel safe on Wybourn’.

Her mum, Alex Farr, said: It’s disgraceful – my daughter has done nothing wrong but could be thrown on to the streets.”

Guy Cresswell, director of housing services at Great Places Housing Group, said: “We have served Miss Bennett with a notice to vacate the property within the next two months after a thorough investigation, and are satisfied that she has breached the terms of her tenancy. Miss Bennett has the right to appeal our decision and this process has been fully explained.”