Stolen car hits innocent member of the public during Sheffield police chase - and narrowly avoids 15ft drop

A stolen car hit an innocent member of the public during a police chase through Sheffield before crashing into a wall and narrowly avoiding a 15ft drop.

By Robert Cumber
Sunday, 17 February, 2019, 07:04

The stolen Kia was spotted in Parson Cross during the early hours of this morning by police, who set off in pursuit.

The police pursuit ended when the stolen Kia crashed into a wall

After a brief chase, officers said it collided with an innocent member of the public before ploughing into a wall, with one of the front wheels left hanging precariously over the precipice.

South Yorkshire Police said three people had been detained on suspicion of burglary ‘after some decent running by our officers’.

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It is not known at this stage whether anyone was injured in the collision.

Police said the car narrowly avoided a 15ft drop

The Star has contacted police and will attempt to bring you more information.