Still some architectural gems to be discovered in Sheffield

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Thank you Mrs Davies for your input, Letters, August 15. Yes many once fine buildings now lie derelict and forlorn.

Castle Market (much missed) is to be demolished to reveal the castle remains? Surely there can’t be much left except stone rubble amidst the concrete foundations? We shall see.

Opposite is the old Town Hall, neglected and filthy, it would make a fine museum relating to the castle with gift shop etc. It’s part of our heritage.

Beyond on King Street the old Co-op, shuttered up and forgotten. Wasn’t there a proposal to build a new market on the demolition site of both buildings also encompassing the much mourned ABC cinema?

In its place a bland hotel facade.

The Moor market is a monstrosity, a white elephant with a facade like Noah’s Ark!

On the once proud Haymarket (home of the original market hall) we now have the old Davy’s Grocery Store with fine namesake stone embellishments and the old Mikado Cafe building adjoining with art deco tower.

But the shop fronts are now a mismatch of garish paintwork.

As a teenager, it was my dearest dream to live in Sheffield centre, which I have now for 32 years, near West Street.

But it has become a rogues gallery of multitudinous bars and pubs, with the noise and rubbish that goes with them.

In the blitz of September 1940 there was carnage, Walshs, Burtons and the tragic loss of life at The Marples pub.

Buildings are continuing to disappear but there are still some wondrous sights and architectural gems to be discovered.

For example St Marie’s Catholic church opposite the Crucible Theatre and the beautiful Lyceum.

BD Hillerby

Eldon Street, S1 4GY