Steve Ayris loves Ikea – hates libraries

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I have no doubt that Ikea will be given the go ahead eventually.

I am not a fan of Ikea’s cheap flat-pack furniture, although many are.

However, I do not think any of us need lectures from Steve Ayris over business sense or libraries.

This is the same Steve Ayris who tried to close Hillsborough Library in 2010 and then seemed hurt when we in Hillsborough got rid of him in 2011.

This is the same Lib Dem Steve Aryis who failed to get elected in 2012 whilst standing for Beauchief and Greenhill as the voters deserted him and his Dodo party.

It would now appear that Steve Ayris is trying to get his claws into Graves Park.

Sheffield needs ‘professional’ journey-man politicians like Steve Ayris as much as a fish needs a bicycle.

Steve Aryis, hater of libraries near you.