Stephen loses control

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A SCAMMER had total control of Stephen Millington’s computer for two-and-a-half hours after ringing with a ‘maintenance call’.

The caller said he was from the ‘Windows Response Team’ and told Stephen to click on website

He then took control of the machine and went on to reveal it had 1,352 errors and viruses.

The man demanded £90 to fix the problem, but after ages on the phone Stephen finally hung up – then a message appeared on screen saying: “We will call you back.”

Scary stuff.

Action Desk told Stephen, of Langold, near Worksop, to call PC Premier, who fixed Alan Wood’s computer after he was caught by the same scam.

A PC Premier spokesman said: “I found trojans, adware, viruses, and tracking cookies – I stopped counting after 1,000. The scammers could have retaken control at any time, and then monitored passwords, usernames and bank details if he did internet banking.”

Stephen’s anti-virus software was broken – itself possibly the victim of a virus.

The spokesman said: “It was so bad even the operating system needed fixing. Make sure your anti-virus is working, keep it updated.”