Station call stepped up

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A CAMPAIGN to bring a new high-speed railway line to Sheffield’s old Victoria Station has been stepped up – with opposition Liberal Democrat councillors writing to Transport Secretary Justine Greening for support.

The campaign is backed by businesses around the station site in Wicker.

Victoria Station was on the old Great Central Railway from London to Manchester, but shut in 1970.

The Liberal Democrat members on Sheffield Council believe a new station at the old Victoria site would maximise economic benefits through being located in the city centre.

Coun Shaffaq Mohammed, group leader, said: “We are stepping up our campaign to ensure Sheffield receives the maximum possible benefit from high-speed rail.

“We want assurances that reopening Sheffield Victoria will be considered.

“We believe the new station should be located as close to the city centre as possible.

“Locating it miles out of the city would be a missed opportunity.

“We understand discussions on potential sites are ongoing, so it is vital we make our voices heard now before it’s too late.”

Siting the station at Victoria would reduce the disruption otherwise needed to build the high-speed railway line, because existing trackbeds in and out of the city centre could be used.

However, ruling Labour councillors have declined to nominate a preferred site for the station because they want to see what route into Sheffield is being proposed by HS2 – the company set up by the Government to build the £32 billion network.