Stars at Sheffield memorial boxing tournament for Brendan Ingle

Crowds, and famous names, turned out for a charity boxing event staged in memory of the late Brendan Ingle.

Memorial event for the late Brendan Ingle at Colley WMC
Memorial event for the late Brendan Ingle at Colley WMC

Organised by Bob Wright of Parson Cross Amateur Boxing Club, the contest at Colley Working Men’s Club attracted competitors from Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, and Bradford, along with Sheffield’s own young talent.

Some of the greats including Amir Khan, Johnny Nelson and Kell Brook were in attendance, along with Brendan’s widow, Alma Ingles, who herself made history some years ago, as the first female boxing judge.

Bob Wright, who has been involved in boxing for 46 years and opened the Parson Cross club in 1983, said: “I was approached by Councillor Tony Damms and asked if I could bring together a Brendan Ingle Memorial Night in aid of his Foundation fund, which I agreed to do.

“I did the matchmaking for 14 boxers. It was run on amateur boxing rules, in similar style to the charity tournaments we run once or twice each year.

“It was a great night, enjoyed and appreciated by everyone there I think.

“For Alma Ingle, it was the first time she had stepped back in to Colley Club for over 40 years and that was at a time when she was a judge herself.”

A total sum of £1,722 was raised from the night, by both the boxing club and Colley WMC, of which Bob Wright is chairman, for the Brendan Ingle Foundation.

Coun Anne Murphy, who was there on the evening, said: “It was a brilliant night,,,,the first time I’ve been to such an event. I’ve not been to a boxing gym since I was a child and my dad used to take me.

“It was great to see all the families out  and young people there supporting their friends.

“A fantastic atmosphere, and so nice that everyone made an effort and turned out for Brendan.”