Stark warning of railway danger

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Network Rail has released a hard-hitting video about the severe consequences of trespassing or messing about near the railway as a new survey reveals nearly two thirds of parents in Doncaster have not discussed railway safety with their children.

Around half of mums and dads in the region don’t realise electrical power is on all the time and it is possible to receive a shock without actually touching the wires.

In the summer holidays, Network Rail has launched the video specifically to highlight the dangers of electricity.

Nationally, 69 people have been electrocuted in the last 10 years, another 72 have suffered injuries or trauma and 23 of them were children under 15.

The video features a skin biology specialist and a Network Rail electrical engineer, sending a stark message about the power of current used to run trains and the consequences of coming into contact with it.

With graphic images of people who have suffered burns, the experts talk about how the power used in overhead wires is ten times more powerful than an electric chair.

They tell of people whose clothes were set alight and the coins in their pockets melted.

Dyan Crowther, Network Rail’s director of operational services, said: “Thankfully the number of people killed or hurt on the railways is coming down but every death or injury is preventable.

“As our video shows, receiving an electric shock is horrific and could affect you for the rest of your life, if you’re lucky not to be killed.

“We are concerned many parents are very much in the dark about the dangers of trespassing or playing near the railway.”

British Transport Police schools education officer PC Steve Wareing said: “During the summer holidays we unfortunately see an increase in offences on the rail network.

“So we are hoping that by targeting hotspot areas, and through the education work we have already done, we will reduce the number of incidents and deter youngsters from seeing the railway as a place to hang out or play.”