STAR SUPERKIDS: Sheffield lad Callum back on his bike after lifesaving surgery

Superkids Nomination.....Callum Wood aged 11 of Queens Road,Beighton
Superkids Nomination.....Callum Wood aged 11 of Queens Road,Beighton
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LOOK who is back on his bike!

Callum Wood was hurt so badly in a freak accident on his BMX where he jolted on to the handlebars that his pancreas was split in two.

The 11-year-old underwent a life-saving operation at Sheffield Children’s Hospital last November – a surgery so rare it had only been performed there once before.

Now he is back home and doing well, bravely getting back on his bike and returning to Westfield School for lessons after the miracle survival.

Proud mum Lyndsey Delamore, aged 31, said: “He has coped really well when you think of the extent of what they did to him – he likes to show his scar off.

“At Christmas he got a scooter which I was a bit worried about but it’s not concerned him, he was straight back on a bike when he was allowed.

“He went back to school part time for a month then full time and he’s slowly got back into PE and stuff, a bit of swimming. He is getting back to normal.”

When Callum fell off his bike there was just a tiny red mark left.

But he soon started to become ill and a scan revealed his injuries.

Surgeons had to call in a pancreatic specialist to help in the five-hour operation.

Doctors attached one half of Callum’s pancreas to his bowel to stop deadly enzymes leaking into his stomach.

Lyndsey, of Queen’s Road, Beighton, said: “He’s doing so well. He’s not been completely discharged from hospital, because he’s not putting on weight as expected, but he’s 11 and going through a growth spurt.

“He’s got to go back to see the surgeon in September to look at his weight and see whether the pancreas is working okay.”

Callum is now in the running for The Star Superkids awards 2012.

Lyndsey said: “Callum has been really strong, probably stronger than I think I would have been given the extent of what they did.”

JUST one day is left to nominate your little heroes for Star Superkids 2012.

Entries have been flooding in – but we need readers’ help to recognise even more deserving youngsters.

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n Sports Award – Recognises outstanding achievement in a sporting field through skill or determination;

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n Young Citizen of the Year – Rewards those who make a difference in the community and inspire others;

n Fundraiser of the Year – A salute to a person or group that has helped a cause through their commitment;

n Educational Progress Award – Success in the education system is recognised in this category;

n Supporting the Family – For a child or children who support relatives in times of need;

n Special Award – To recognise an inspiring youngster whose achievements do not fit into other categories;

n The Environment Award – Entrants in this category must show how they help the environment at school, home, or elsewhere;

n Triumph Over Adversity Award – Plaudit for a child who has overcome extreme adversity with strength;

n Music & Performing Arts Award – Highlights great ability in music or performing arts.