Star readers back bus lane fines in Sheffield

Bus lane on Ecclesall Road
Bus lane on Ecclesall Road
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Star readers have come out in support of Sheffield Council after it emerged a new bus lane camera is catching nearly 300 motorists a day – netting the authority more than £90,000 in fines.

Figures from the council show the device on Ecclesall Road issued 291 fines on Monday, January 5 alone.

Monthly totals reveal that it earned £22,260 last September – its first month of operation – rising to £30,570 in October, when 1,179 fines were issued, and £23,375 in November. From September to January 11 it fired off 4,563 fines, earning the authority £91,415 in just four-and-a-half months.

Coun Leigh Bramall, council cabinet member for business, skills and development said the money was being used to extend the cycle routes across the city.

Many Star readers online were in support of the council and bus lanes.

Someone posting as ‘Raghead’ wrote: “It’s about time the council did something about cars in bus lanes. Car drivers have no excuse - I back the council all the way.”

‘Maggymark’ said: “Private car drivers - don’t block the public transport routes please, that’s just rude and selfish. I hope that the council spends the money raised wisely.”

‘Muddled’ said cameras should be installed on every bus lane, while ‘SeeItSayIt’ called for changes to be made to buses to catch motorists, writing: “Buses themselves should be like those in London, which have forwarded facing cameras, that can take photographs of cars parked illegally in bus lanes.

“Abbeydale Road’s bus lanes are shocking for this, including illegal parking on the zig-zags on pedestrian crossings.”

Shef6 said their friend drove in the bus lane and was sent a letter of warning, but not fined.

They added: “I think this is a reasonable strategy, although whether this still happens I don’t know - possibly not, judging by the number of fines.

“The bottom line is that the signs are there telling you when you can and can’t use the lane so if you choose to ignore them, you can’t complain at being fined.

“The council are only making so much money from fines due to the ignorance/impatience of motorists.”

Jodi Mary Booker questioned the location of the bus lane.

She said: “If so many people are nipping into the end of the bus lane there’s something not right.

“Maybe the bus lane is too close to the roundabout and therefore dangerous to those using that stretch of road? This can’t be coincidental.

“Rather than address the situation Sheffield Council rinses motorists again and again.”