STAR OPINION: We’re hot stuff

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Phew what a scorcher!

No, that’s not a reference to yesterday’s over-cooked turkey.

The weather boffins tell us that this year is set to be the warmest in Sheffield since records began.

Now there’s a talker if there’s a lull in the banter over the festive buffet.

We’re obsessed by the weather, which is no surprise really given the meteorological mix-up that we are usually served up.

Tornados, floods, heatwaves, blizzards - we get them all, and sometimes all in one season.

And what have we been talking about - and some of us putting bets on in recent weeks? Whether there’ll be a White Christmas of course.

The mercury has fallen now - though there was no picture postcard dusting of the white stuff on Christmas Day - so it’s timely to look back on the long, hazy days of summer.

Cast your mind back to when we didn’t all have SAD - seasonal affective disorder.

We were blessed with some particularly good weather for two showpiece events for the city, Tramlines and the icing on the cake this year, the Tour de France.

Great events both , but how much better with added wall to wall sunshine.

Hold that thought as you pull on the thermals.