Star opinion: United must judge Evans

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In Monday’s Star the girlfriend of disgraced Sheffield United striker Ched Evans makes a plea for him to be allowed to return to football when he is released from prison next month.

Evans was convicted and sentenced for rape, a very serious crime – the victim of which should never be forgotten.

Natasha Massey, and her family, remain convinced of her boyfriend’s innocence and believe he will be exonerated.

While respecting Miss Massey’s point of view The Star is 100 per cent behind the decision of the jury, which found Evans guilty in 2012 of a rape committed the previous year.

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Without faith in the rule of law there would be anarchy. Once a court passes down a judgment on the defendant then that decision is the truth until proven otherwise.

However, once released he will be back into society and will need to earn a living.

The question has to be asked whether any community-minded football club should be willing to have a rapist on its books?

Sheffield United say they are thinking long and hard about whether to bring Evans back to Bramall Lane or not.

Whatever their decision the eyes of the footballing family, and indeed those of people the land over, are watching.